Hamas Publishes Edited Video of Attack on Soldiers

Five soldiers were killed in attack mounted by Hamas terrorists who emerged from a tunnel near Nahal Oz.

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Gil Ronen,

Gaza tunnel
Gaza tunnel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A military source estimated Wednesday morning that a Hamas propaganda video showing footage from a deadly attack Monday afternoon on an IDF position near Gaza shows events as they occurred, but was edited by Hamas to serve its purposes.

The IDF Spokesman, Brigadier General Motti Almoz, told Channel 2 Wednesday: “We understand the war over images, but it is secondary. The [primary] war is on the ground, for accomplishments, and there, the results are clear.”

Almoz said that the publication of the video, alongside with a statement by Hamas armed wing chief Mohammmed Deif, is an attempt by Hamas “to establish an image of victory, although the facts on the ground are different.”

An IDF inquiry determined that the terrorists crossed into Israel through a tunnel that penetrated about 150 meters into Israeli territory. The terrorists fired an RPG at an IDF force that was stationed at a pillbox position overlooking Gaza, killing five soldiers.

Israeli reports indicate that the terrorists sought to abduct one of the soldiers's bodies, but the soldiers who were inside the pillbox fired at them and may have killed one of them. The rest escaped back into the tunnel.

Israeli media has opted not to show the full Hamas propaganda video. A part of it can be viewed here: