Video: Abbas's Son Compares Israel to Nazis

During a televised interview as he donated blood to "Gaza martyrs", PA Chairman's son verbally attacked Israel.

Elad Benari ,

Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas
Flash 90

Yasser Abbas, son of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, was interviewed last week while donating blood "for the martyrs" of Gaza.

During the interview, Abbas criticized U.S. President Barack Obama and Israel, saying that "even the Nazis would have been ashamed" to act like the Israeli army.

Part of the interview was broadcast on the official Palestinian Authority TV and the entire interview was later posted on the internet. It was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“My message to the people of Gaza is: We are with you. We may not be experiencing the bombings and the criminal killings as you are, but we stand behind you. You are fighting, and we stand behind you. You have made great sacrifices. You have paid a heavy price in blood. This bloodshed must be stopped,” Abbas the son said.

“We share the interest of stopping the bloodshed. The 830 martyrs we have had so far – and I hope there won't be any more – equal in proportion to 110,000 of the American population. Is Obama capable of tolerating such a massacre?! When he had 3,000 casualties at the World Trade Center, he started a war against Iraq. This was in the days of… George Bush,” he continued.

“Whenever [Israel] strikes, he declares that Israel has a right to defend itself. Well, this Iron Dome they've got should be enough for this.

You strike with tanks, airplanes, F-16s and Apache helicopters, and bring down whole buildings with peaceful people inside. What kind of crime is this? Brother, even the Nazis would have been ashamed to act like this. Even the Nazis didn't do such things. This is a Nazi army,” charged Yasser Abbas.

At one point in the interview, Abbas said he and his son would return to the city of Tzfat (Safed), a possible reference to comments made by his father in a television interview in Israel in November of 2012.

PA Chairman Abbas said at the time that, despite being originally from Tzfat, he is not thinking for one moment of going back there. After his remarks sparked huge protests in Gaza, the PA chief retracted his statements.

The elder Abbas last week threatened to pursue Israel over its “war crimes” in Gaza.

Speaking at a meeting of the PA’s leadership in Ramallah, Abbas declared, "The leadership will make an effort to stop the aggression on Gaza.”

He went on to claim that Israel has violated all the international laws in its operation in Gaza, stressing that "we will pursue the perpetrators of the crimes against our people, until they are punished."

Abbas claimed that Israel's goal was to "undermine the internal unity and reconciliation, but we will continue in this way."