‘They Won’t Determine’ – In Appreciation of Southern Residents

Song in appreciation of sacrifices made by southern residents declares 'They (Hamas) will not determine for us...'

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Talia Blatman,

Israeli Agriculture
Israeli Agriculture

“They will not determine where I will build; they will not determine where I will live.”

Yedidya Shiloh of Beit El wrote the music and lyrics to a song in appreciation of the residents of the south of Israel. Yair Hadad, the soloist from the “Hanigun Shebalev” band, sings the song, which was released this week with love and in appreciation of the residents of the south and IDF forces protecting the country.

“The song comes to encourage and hug our ‘permanent armed forces.’ They settle in the south, face-to-face with the enemy, for years on end, and continue to grow fruit and vegetables for the country to enjoy, even while under fire. While they plough the field and plant wheat and vegetables, Hamas terrorists plough conspiracies and attempt to plant destruction and desecration. The people of the south continue with their lives and supply Israel and countries abroad with the best agricultural product,” Shiloh recounted. 

“The song describes a tractor driver who is working in the field when a missile launched from Gaza strikes down nearby, but he continues to work, with a degree of dedication that is praiseworthy. The principle that guides him is that the enemy will not determine anything for him, and will not manage him and ruin the lives we are building in Israel. The strength of the residents of the Negev during wartime provides strength to the entire nation, enough strength to go out and fight for them. IDF forces entered Gaza in order to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens. This song is also meant for them, with love.”