MDA Donates Shelters to Be'er Sheva

Two transportable concrete shelters placed in a neighborhood where residents lack protection from rockets.

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Arutz Sheva,

Shelter being lowered into place
Shelter being lowered into place
MDA Spokesman

Magen David Adom is assisting the residents of southern Israel with more than emergency medical services.

This week, the media reported about the diffculties encountered by residents of Kdoshei Saloniki street in Be'er Sheva, many of whom live in old homes wthout a protected space, and some of whom are handicapped. These citizens find it difficult to reach shelter in the 60-second interval between the Color Red alarm and the moment of missile impact.

The story reached MDA Director Eli Bin, who was especially touched by the testimony of a boy who finds it hard to move his disabled father to the shelter in time, and sometimes simply gives up and stays in an unprotected location with his father.

Bin instructed Asi Dvilanski, the head of the Projects Department in his bureau, to take two “migunit” type transportable shelters from MDA's warehouse and place then in Kdoshei Saloniki street.

Dvilanski contacted a firm that specializes in transport solutions, which was able to procure a special crane for transporting the shelters. “The residents of the neighborhood who surrounded us while we placed the shelters expressed their happiness with the assistance and solution, but some were angry that there are not more shelters. Unfortunately,” he said, "these are the last units left in MDA's possession which have not been placed, and I am sure additional solutions for [the residents] will be found soon.”

Dvilanski said that the same boy who could not transport his father to the protected space in less than a minute, can now do so in ten seconds.