Police Impound Large Illegal Firecracker Cache

Why are there so many fireworks and firecrakers going off in Arab communities across Israel?

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Moshe Cohen,


Over the past several weeks, residents of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, and cities adjacent to areas with large Arab Israeli populations, have reported hearing what sounds like a constant barrage of gunshots. Upon calling police, however, concerned Israelis reporting the phenomenon are told that the noises are firecrackers.

It's not clear what is responsible for the uptick in firecracker use in Arab communities in recent weeks. Some have theorized that it is part of the nightly post-Ramadan fast celebrations that take place each night, as Muslims feast after their day-long fasts, while others believe that it is represents some sort of solidarity acts by Arabs with Gaza terrorists, who continue to rain rockets on Israeli towns and cities. In addition, many Arabs use firecrackers and fireworks to celebrate family events, like weddings.

In any event, it is illegal to sell or use firecrackers, and on Sunday, police discovered and impounded a large number of firecrackers and fireworks. The firecrackers and fireworks were hidden in several large warehouses in the lower Galilee Arab town of Kaft Kana. Two illegal Arab aliens from Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria were arrested.

A police spokesperson said that “police will continue to enforce the law against the manufacture, import, and sale of dangerous toys and other items. Over the past few days we have discovered and seized thousands of dangerous items that could have caused great damage. We intend to put the importers, wholesalers, and sellers of these items on trial,” the spokesperson said.