Queens Family Moves Up Bar Mitzvah to Show Solidarity

A resident of Queens, NY, decided that now was the time to come to Israel for a family celebration - rockets or no rockets.

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Yosef Berger,

אדי יעקובוב
אדי יעקובוב
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Adi Ya'akubov, a resident of New York City's Borough of Queens, wanted to show his solidarity with Israel as Hamas rockets rained down on Israeli cities – so he moved up a family trip planned for the High Holidays to July.

The trip was meant to celebrate the Bar-Mitzvah of his son Yosef, but the family decided to move up the trip and celebrate the event before its original date (Yosef is already 13). Instead of getting his aliyah (summons) to make the blessings over the Torah at the Western Wall before Rosh Hashana, as had been originally planned, Yosef did so on Monday.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Ya'akubov said that he felt it was very important to visit Israel at this time, as others from abroad cancel their trips because of fear of the war. “We hope to move to Israel one day,” said Ya'akubov.

“But now we decided that we could not sit back and wait, given the situation in Israel. We can't bear to see our brothers and sisters attacked by Hamas, suffering the ongoing rocket attacks. So, we decided to do it now. G-d is protecting us, I am not worried. My wife was a bit worried at first, but she is now happy that we came.