Lebanese Army Arrests Two Terrorists Over Rockets on Israel

Brothers fired rockets into Galilee last week; a third suspect, from Islamic Jihad, was arrested earlier in the operation.

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AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff,

Katyusha rocket on Israel from Lebanon
Katyusha rocket on Israel from Lebanon
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Two Palestinian Arab brothers suspected of involvement in rocket attacks on northern Israel have been arrested by the Lebanese army, the military said on Wednesday.

"Khalil and Hassan Kharraz were arrested on Tuesday. They admitted to transporting rockets on July 13 and 14 to the area from where they were launched" at Israel, the army said in a statement.

At least nine rockets had been fired from south Lebanon towards the Jewish state between July 11 and July 14. 

The Israeli army has retaliated by eliminating terror targets in Lebanon.

These are the second and third arrests on the Lebanese side since Operation Protective Edge began nine days ago. Last Friday, according to the Lebanese Daily Star, the army arrested Hussein Izzat Atwe, an Islamic Jihad terrorist who shot rockets at Israeli civilians in the Galilee from the southern city of Mari. 

On Sunday night, three rockets from Lebanon exploded in the same region, hitting open areas and causing no physical injuries or damages.

Sirens sounded Saturday evening in Nahariya, Rosh Hanikra, Shlomi, Kabri and Hanita, along the border with Lebanon, as two rockets from Lebanon hit open regions, causing no physical injuries or damages.

A Katyusha missile from Lebanon was also fired towards the Galilee on Friday morning. It, too, exploded in an open region and did not result in casualties.

UNIFIL was notified over the incidents.