IDF Strikes 60 Terror Targets in Gaza

Total targets eliminated in 24 hours tops 120 as Hamas allegedly weighs a cease-fire.

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Tova Dvorin,

IAF F-15I fighter jet (illustration)
IAF F-15I fighter jet (illustration)
Flash 90

The IDF struck 60 terror targets in Gaza on Wednesday alone, the Spokesperson's Office announced, bringing the total of targets eliminated to roughly 120 in 24 hours.

Fifty of the targets were hit in Beit Lahiya, the Zeitoun "refugee camp", and other areas in northern Gaza it said.

"These places are strongholds of terrorism, which constitute a threat to Israeli communities," the statement said.

The targets included hidden launchers, terrorist tunnels, Hamas and Islamic Jihad headquarters and the "operational infrastructure" of Hamas in Gaza.

"The IDF is determined, and will continue, to attack targets systematically to do significant damage to the Hamas terror organization, and work to destroy the terrorist networks that aim to harm Israeli citizens," the statement concluded. 

"The IDF hits Hamas hard and deep, taking out its terrorist infrastructure and any official that points the trigger at Israel and its citizens."

Wednesday afternoon's announcement follows several reports that Hamas has approached Egypt to discuss a cease-fire.

Palestinian Arab sources first reported that Hamas had approached officials with a series of unprecedented conditions for a ten-year truce, including access to border crossings and an international airport in Gaza; these reports remain unconfirmed. 

Hours later, Palestinian Authority (PA) officials claimed that the movement's "political leadership" had approached Cairo regarding talks over a potential deal, after their "military wing" rejected Egypt's proposed truce out of hand Tuesday morning.