Sirens Sound in Samaria, for the First Time

Hamas's latest salvo of rockets appears to have been aimed at Jerusalem and the Samaria region to its north.

Gil Ronen,

Illustration: View from the hills of Samaria
Illustration: View from the hills of Samaria
Kobi Finkler

Hamas's latest salvo of rockets, around 8:00 p.m. On Sunday, appears to have been aimed at Jerusalem and the Binyamin/Samaria region to its north.

Rocket warning sirens went off in Ariel, Shilo and Eli in Samaria, as well as Psagot – for the first time in recent memory.

The Diplomacy and Security Cabinet is in session at Hakirya in Tel Aviv, to decide on a possible expansion of Operation Protective Edge as well as ground operations to seize Hamas's stockpile of rockets.

Sirens went off earlier Sunday in the Tel Aviv area as well as in Hadera and Haifa. However, the siren in Nahariya, on the northern border with Lebanon, turned out to have been a false alarm.

Hamas launched dozens of rockets at Israel over the Sabbath, striking the Judea region south of Jerusalem for the first time - but in areas under Palestinian Authority control. Arabs in Hevron gathered to celebrate the rocket attacks on their Jewish neighbors but instead faced a rocket strike on Hevron itself. 

A salvo was launched at the Jerusalem area in the early evening Saturday, and one rocket exploded in the yard of a home in Arab-controlled Hevron. Another rocket struck Bethlehem, also under PA control, and a third hit near the Jewish town of Efrat, not far from Bethlehem.

No one was reported hurt in any of those attacks.

Hamas said that it launched three M-75 rockets at the Jerusalem area.

A rocket fired from Syria struck the Golan Heights Sunday. No one was hurt and no damage was reported. The rocket is being treated as "a trickle" from the ongoing Syrian civil war.