IAF Strikes Terror Targets in Northern Gaza

Senior Hamas commander, terrorist targets eliminated in strike after IDF warns civilians of upcoming raid.

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Tova Dvorin,

Israeli airstrike in Gaza
Israeli airstrike in Gaza

IAF struck several targets in northern Gaza on Sunday, including a senior Hamas official responsible for the constant barrage of rocket fire on Israeli citizens. 

The Hamas official, who has not been officially named as of 2:00 pm IST, was targeted in the Jabaliya "refugee camp," which operates as a terrorist training camp.

The IAF also attacked terror targets in Beit Lahiya, following leaflets distributed to civilians there Sunday morning warning of an upcoming attack. The targets belonged to Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility for a volley of rockets fired on Ashkelon earlier Sunday. 

Palestinian sources told AFP that a man had been killed during an IDF raid on a building in nearby Beit Hanoun in the same strike, although this could not be confirmed with Israeli officials. 

The sources also claim that a 14 year-old girl was killed in Sunday's strike, and that the death toll in Gaza allegedly tops 166 people. Those figures have not been independently verified.

It should be noted that a Hamas spokesperson called for Gaza residents to act as human shields on live television earlier this week, calling the move "an effective strategy" in the PR war against Israel and encouraging Palestinian Arabs to stay in their homes despite IDF warnings to prevent casualties.