Ashdod Rocket Hit, Fire 'A Huge Miracle'

Tragedy averted Friday morning after rocket hits gas station; officials praise 'miracle' after benzine truck does not explode on impact.

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Hezki Baruch, Tova Dvorin,

Missile Attack Scene, Ashdod
Missile Attack Scene, Ashdod
Hezki Ezra

Hamas fired a rocket on a gas station in the center of Ashdod on Friday, sparking a fire and causing at least one serious injury. 

Officials at the scene spoke to Arutz Sheva about the rocket hit on Friday afternoon, noting the open miracle that no civilians or staff were killed in the attack. 

"A rocket fell here, right next to the gas station, as cars were waiting for their turn to fill up," Moshe Suissa, Commander of Firefighting forces in the south, stated. "The explosion caused a fire to break out near the gas station."

"In addition to all that, a gas tank had stopped here to refill the station, and was filled with 35,000 liters of benzine [gas]," he continued. "The main risk factor was that the truck itself would explode, which would have seen 1,000 times the damage you see here now." 

Suissa reflected that the danger could have been extreme. 

"The station provides both benzine and gas - therefore, we focused immensely on not only putting out the fire, but also on cooling the gas, to make sure there wouldn't be a major tragedy," he said.  "Thank God, there was no tragedy here, due to the fact that the gas did not ignite; the cooling was enough to prevent it."

"This was a huge miracle - the tank did not explode, firefighting teams managed to put out the fire [at the gas station], everyone managed to leave their vehicles when sirens went off," Deputy Commander Eli Kazeri added at the scene. "This is, thank God, damage mostly to property - and property can be restored, and there are no deaths, and that is what is important."