Operation Protective Edge
Minister Demands Israel Liquidate Hamas Leadership

Katz calls to 'crush the snake's head'; MK Yishai says Gaza weapons technology must be 'sent back 40 years' to defend Israel.

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IAF airstrike on Gaza
IAF airstrike on Gaza
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Ministers and MKs on Wednesday called for the IDF to widen the scope of Operation Protective Edge, and attack Gaza in such a way that the terrorist group Hamas will be unable to launch future attacks on Israel.

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) told Walla! that "after last night and this morning things are clear - we must give the IDF the order to crush the snake's head. The IDF knows very well how to do it."

Over 40 rockets reportedly were fired by Gaza terrorists at Israeli population centers on Wednesday morning as of 10 a.m. At least five rockets were shot down over Tel Aviv by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.

"Hamas's leadership also has responsibility and shouldn't be given a free pass, it must know that we will act against it by all means. We must eliminate the Hamas leaders. There's no national leadership there - there's terror leadership," stated Katz.

Several Hamas leaders, and a senior Islamic Jihad leader have been taken out in the IDF operation; Katz apparently called for Hamas's "diplomatic" leaders who run the terror organization to be targeted as well.

Katz also commented that Israel must consider cutting off electricity to Gaza, a suggestion also made Wednesday by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud), who said "you cannot fight Hamas on the one hand and provide electricity and fuel to transport the missiles fired at us on the other."

Also speaking to Walla! on Wednesday was MK Eli Yishai (Shas), Chairman of the Homefront Preparedness Committee, who stated that Israel "must do all it can to ensure the security of its citizens."

"The technological abilities of the terrorists' weapons, the precision and distances of firing, have gotten more advanced in every round of fighting, and therefore we must push activities that will send Gaza back 40 years in everything connected to infrastructure and technology," declared Yishai.

The MK added "the state has the ability to do that, and the reality demands it."

Roughly 120 rockets were fired at Israel by Gaza terrorists over Tuesday, including a late night salvo that hit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and as far as Hadera, located 45 kilometers (28 miles) north of Tel Aviv.