MK Regev Condemns Murder, But No Excuse for Riots

Likud MK says 'murder is murder' regardless of ethnicity, but notes no comparable violence after three Jewish teens killed.

Ari Soffer and Hezki Baruch,

MK Miri Regev
MK Miri Regev
Israel news photo: Flash 90

MK Miri Regev (Likud) has condemned the murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu-Khder, following news that six Jewish extremists have been arrested in connection with the murder, which is increasingly looking like a "revenge" attack for the murder of three Jewish teens last month.

"I condemn murder and violence from both sides," Regev said. "Jews and Arabs alike - murder is murder. We must condemn it."

With that, however, she added that police should be given time to carry out their investigations and bring the guilty parties to justice, and equally condemned the ongoing riots and anti-Semitic attacks carried out by Arab extremists in the wake of the murder.

Regev said that there was "no place" for the riots being carried out by Israeli Arabs throughout the country, and pointed out that after the murders of three Jewish teens - Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar and Naftali Frenkel - no such riots occurred.

"They are acting outside of the law and we need to act against them with a strong hand, just like we have done with terrorists."

"Israeli Arabs who act against the state must be punished," she continued, and added that she was personally working to deny social security benefits to those involved, and even to strip those "convicted of aiding terrorism and incitement" of their Israeli citizenship.

Her words echo sentiments aired by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier today.

"There is no place in Israel for throwing Molotov cocktails, there is no place for vandalism, there is no place for incitement against Israel's very existence," the prime minister fired, after calling for calm in light of the recent violence.

Speaking to Israel's Arabs, he continued:

"You cannot enjoy social security payments and child benefit on the one hand, and violate the most basic laws of the State of Israel on the other.

"I call upon leaders of the Arab public to take responsibility, to face the wave of rioting and restore peace."

"Those who do not respect the law will be arrested and punished severely," he added.