Netanyahu in PR Blitz against P5+1 'Surrender'

The deal Iran wants would allow it to kick out inspectors and produce bombs 'within weeks or months,' he says.

Gil Ronen ,

Nuclear talks in Geneva
Nuclear talks in Geneva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyhau mounted a one-man diplomatic offensive against the emerging deal between Iran and the P5+1 powers Sunday afternoon, in interviews to six media outlets from the respective P5+1 countries – USA, Britain, France, Germany, China, France and Russia.

Netanyahu told Sky News: "What Iran is seeking from Britain and the P5+1 is to keep the materials and the means to make nuclear weapons and inspect them. Keep and inspect as opposed to dismantle and remove. That's a bad deal.

“And I think what it would mean is Iran at any time could kick the inspectors aside or deceive them – it's done that in the past – and go rush to make the enriched uranium that is necessary to make atomic bombs. And they can do that within weeks or months. That's bad for Britain, bad for Europe, bad for the United States, bad for Russia, bad for China, very bad for Israel, bad for the Arabs too – bad for the world.

“My position from the start has been they shouldn't have any capacity to enrich because they don't need it for civilian nuclear energy,” he explained. “They don't need a single centrifuge. It's been the Western position that they should have a few hundred. Now we hear that the P5+1 are talking now about 1,500. But that's the spinning centrifuges.

"They say, well, maybe they'll have also several thousand, many thousands of centrifuges not spinning but in formaldehyde, sort of, or locked under lock and key. Okay. One day, Iran decides to break the lock and key, breakout as they say, put all these thousands of centrifuges together and they'll have the wherewithal to make a nuclear bomb in a very short time. That's a deal that Iran wants. It's a deal of surrender. And the P5+1 should reject it out of hand. They should not enable Iran to make nuclear weapons.”