Report: PA Police Hunt Two Hamas Terrorists Over Kidnapping

PA allegedly searching for suspects in connection with missing yeshiva boys - despite sitting in same 'unity government' as Hamas.

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IDF forces search for kidnapped boys in Hevro
IDF forces search for kidnapped boys in Hevro
Flash 90

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials have allegedly made some effort to help the IDF search for three yeshiva students confirmed kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, Walla! News reports Sunday, and are searching for two Hamas terrorists believed to be connected with the case. 

A Palestinian Arab source told the Israeli daily that the PA learned of the kidnapping just 12 hours after it occurred - by some estimates, just after the Israeli police allegedly notified the IDF.

IDF forces have apparently already raided the homes, but the two suspects were nowhere to be found.

The promise of PA cooperation is a grey area, however, due to the PA's own conflicting statements on the kidnapping. On Friday, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas promised that the PA would help search for the teens. 

But earlier on Friday, a spokesman for the PA’s security services said that the PA was not responsible for the three students’ disappearance.

"Three settlers are missing, why is this the fault of the Palestinian Authority? We have nothing to do with this issue,” the spokesman said.

“If a natural disaster hits Israel, would we be responsible? This is mad and unacceptable, we have no knowledge about this,” he added.

Moreover, the PA has continued to encourage terrorism and celebrate the kidnapping within its own internal (Arabic) publications, as Fatah's Facebook page both encourages all Palestinian Arabs to hinder the IDF's investigation and published a sick cartoon comparing the teenagers to rats. 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, and several other leading officials have placed responsibility for the kidnapping on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas over the incitement.