George Bush Senior Skydives for 90th Birthday

Former president can't use his legs, but takes to the sky for birthday; his first parachute jump came when shot down in WWII.

Ari Yashar ,

George Bush celebrates 90
George Bush celebrates 90

Former US President George H.W. Bush celebrated his 90th birthday in a very active fashion on Thursday, making a tandem parachute jump from a helicopter near his Maine summer home.

Bush, who was the 41st American president, has lost the use of his legs due to a form of Parkinson's Disease. That didn't stop him from skydiving while strapped to a retired member of the US Army's parachute team, reports The Telegraph.

Raw footage from the jump, made with a patriotic red, white and blue parachute, can be seen here:

Bush announced on his Twitter account on Thursday "it's a wonderful day in Maine - in fact, nice enough for a parachute jump."

The elderly former president landed safely, fulfilling his promise to skydive at his 90th birthday, which he made five years ago when he similarly celebrated his 85th birthday by shooting through the skies attached to a parachute.

This most recent jump makes Bush's eighth, with his first time being in World War II when his plane was shot down over the Pacific, forcing him to parachute out.