Watch Moving Clip in Jerusalem of Soldiers' Prayer

Prayer for the defense of IDF soldiers sung by choir "Meitarim" in Jerusalem for the 66th Israeli Independence Day.

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"Meitarim" choir
"Meitarim" choir

For the 66th Israeli Independence Day this May, the vocal choir "Meitarim" ("Strings") released a new clip of the "Mi Sheberakh" prayer for healing and defense for IDF soldiers.

The moving clip is set to the backdrop of Jerusalem's Old City walls, and other powerful locations. Among those performing in the choir are those currently doing their mandatory service in the IDF.

The words of the prayer, conducted by Tzvika Katzover in the new rendition, were composed at the foundation of the modern state of Israel. The tune in the moving clip is set to the song "El Eretz Tzvi," composed by Dovi Zeltzer.