'There's no Despair' in New Hit Duet Single

Popular religious singer Yonatan Razel joins forces with Tal Segev, 20 years after they were in IDF band together.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yonatan Razel
Yonatan Razel
Yisrael Bardugo

Religious singer Yonatan Razel has been taking the Israeli music world by storm lately, winning song of the year with his hit "Katonti" in the ACUM Israeli Music Awards ceremony for 2013.

Now Razel is joining forces with singer and creator Tal Segev in a moving new single duet entitled "Ein Yeush" ("There's no Despair").

Segev, who wrote, composed and produced the single, released his fourth album, "Yom Aharon" ("Last Day"), seven years ago. He first met Razel in the IDF band 20 years ago.

"I met Yonatan at the time of the military bands. I bought his albums and really liked them. This song I really wanted to do with him, so I contacted him and reminded him we played together a song by (Israeli musician) Mati Caspi. I sent him the song, and on the spot he said he loved it," said Segev, relaying the story of the new single.