Mother, Daughter Suing PA for Six Million NIS over Ambush

Jerusalem woman and daughter were attacked by rock throwers in PA-controlled area. Mother was badly injured.

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Gil Ronen,

Throwing rocks in Silwan (file)
Throwing rocks in Silwan (file)

A mother and daughter from Jerusalem filed a lawsuit against the Palestinian Authority (PA) this week, demanding 6 million shekels in compensation for physical and emotional damages they suffered in a terror attack in late 2012.

TV Channel 2's website, Mako, reported that the attack took place on the last day of the IDF's eight-day counterterror action in Gaza, Operation Pillar of Defense, which was mounted in the second half of November, 2012. The mother and daughter were driving on Jerusalem's Tunnel Road, and were ambushed as they passed through the Arab village of Husan.

A rock crashed through the windshield, hitting the mother's face and leaving her critically wounded.

According to the lawsuit, the daughter, who was not directly hit by the rocks, “was left alone for 26 minutes, that seemed like an eternity, as she blocked the mother's bleeding and prayed that she was still alive. The terrorists returned to their village, cheering joyously.”

During this time, the daughter was “crying out desperately, praying that her mother is still alive and blocking her mother's head to prevent loss of blood, until IDF soldiers arrived on the scene.”

The soldiers evacuated the two to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, with the mother in an unconscious state. She was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit for two months, under anesthesia, and artificially respirated. After her consciousness returned, she remained in the hospital for two additional months.

The mother and daughter accuse the PA of being responsible for the attack. “The Authority took control of the area in which the terror attack took place, and at the same time continued to turn a blind eye to the terror attacks that were carried out by its residents and took no means to prevent violence against Israelis.”

Mako reports that along with the PA, the mother and daughter are also suing the five members of the rock-throwing gang, “who took upon themselves to cause the deaths of Israelis,” according to the lawsuit.

The five were arrested and the court proceedings against them are currently near completion.