Jerusalem Resident Convicted of Working with Hamas

Israeli Arab financially supported terrorist prisoners, harbored plans for future terror attacks. But does the punishment fit the crime?

Tova Dvorin,

Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced a 33-year-old man to three and a half years in prison Tuesday, after he was found guilty of being a member of Hamas. 
According to the ruling, Majid Ju'beh, a father of four from Jerusalem, gave money to the families of Hamas activists in Israeli prison, to pass on to other detained terrorists. During the trial Ju'beh admitted to the charges against him, and said that in 2004 he was assigned to service the terrorist organization and agreed to transfer the funds.

Ju'beh's computers and his home were found to contain materials connected with the organization, according to Channel 10, and with several terror attacks. He also owned a collection of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood paraphernalia - including extensive instructions for future terror attacks. Several of the plans involved terrorists already sitting in Israeli prisons

"The circumstances surrounding the offenses are significant and very serious, because the defendant's computer was also found to be holding instructions for terror attacks," the judge stated during sentencing. 

"Allegedly part of the activity can be seen as a kind of community service on some level, but supporting terrorists sitting in prison cannot fall under that category," he added. 

Ju'beh was sentenced to a mere 3.5 years in prison and another year of probation. 

"The defendant's actions consist of, in practice, encouraging and supporting terrorist prisoners," the judge warned. "Such activity may encourage others to do the same."