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'Mommy, is Nakba Day Over?'

Toddler, 3.5, and sister, 5, survive a firebomb attack on their family's car that was an inch away from 'an inferno.'

Shimon Cohen ,

Firebomb attack
Firebomb attack
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Arab terror attacks peaked on “Nakba Day” last week, but as usual, almost all media news outlets ignored them, apparently out of political considerations, and Arutz Sheva appears to be the only outlet reporting them.

One such attack involved the hurling of a firebomb at a vehicle that carried a young Jewish family – a firebomb that came one inch away from causing a tragedy.

Shay Sarousy, a resident of Beit Aryeh. Was in his car with his wife and two children, a girl aged 5 and a boy aged 3.5. About 1.5 kilometers (one mile) from their home community, as the car passed through the Arab village of Luban, they all heard a very loud explosive sound. The children, who had been asleep in the back seat, woke up screaming.

Sarousy kept on driving, but slowed down in order to prevent the car's windows – which were partially broken – from caving in and spreading broken glass on the children.

Upon entering Beit Aryeh, Shay called security forces and got out of his car, and “was shocked” at what he saw. “The miracle was great. The firebomb struck the frame of the rear window, smashed the glass and the distance between what happened to us and a great tragedy was three or four centimeters. If I had driven a little slower, the firebomb would have gone in and that would have ended in a great inferno.”

Sarousy told Arutz Sheva that it was clear to him and his wife from the first moments that the object thrown at them was a firebomb, since his wife had seen a fireball hurtling theough the air just before the car was hit. A driver who was driving on the road behind them later reported that there was a fire on the road, and when security forces combed the location they verified that a firebomb had indeed been thrown there.

Sarousy said that he believes his son will remember the traumatic experience he underwent, although he hopes that he will forget it. He evidently heard the adults talking about Nakba Day in the aftermath of the attack, and made a connection between the two, because a day after the event, the toddler asked his mother: “Is Nakba Day over?”

Another firebomb attack last week involved a bus full of sixth-grade girls. That attack also miraculously ended without injuries. The media failed to report it, except Arutz Sheva