PM Offers Israeli Help to Flood-Plagued Serbia

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyah offered Israeli help to the government of Serbia, as the country suffers from major floods.

Moshe Cohen ,

Flood Damage
Flood Damage

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyah offered emergency Israeli help to the government of Serbia. The country has been inundated with flooding, and Netanyahu offered to send in tents and supplies to help the thousands who have fled their homes. At least 10,000 people were homeless.

The floods, caused by heavy rains, affected all parts of the country, with rivers in the Serbian capital of Belgrad rising over their banks. The flood waters were also rising in Bosnia, where about 150,000 people were without electricity. At least 27 people were killed in Bosnia, with 16 confirmed dead in Serbia, and one person reported dead in neighboring Croatia.

Rescue teams from Russia and several EU countries were en route to the region to assist. At least a million and a half tons of supplies were on the way to the region, EU officials said.

Israel would he happy to help as well, Netanyahu told Aleksandar Vučić, Serbia's Prime Minister. Particularly, Israel's experience medical teams could be helpful in treating the injured and sick, the Prime Minister said.

Vučić has not yet responded to Netanyahu's offer.