Arutz Sheva's New English Website

Cleaner look, added features and an exciting new blogging platform - and there's more to come!

Ari Soffer - Arutz Sheva Managing Editor,

Welcome to our new site!
Welcome to our new site!
Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva is proud to introduce you to our new and improved English-language website.

Our updated site is the result of months of tireless work by our dedicated technical staff, and is designed first and foremost with you, the user, in mind. 

The new, cleaner look provides greater ease of use and accessibility to the vast range of news stories, op-eds, blogs and all the other interesting content Arutz Sheva has to offer.

We have also added a range of new features - with more to come in the next few weeks and months.

Among the most exciting additions is our new blogging platform, Zion's Corner, which brings you thought-provoking content from a wide variety of activists, opinion-makers and pundits spanning the political spectrum.

Another addition is our offbeat "In Other News..." category, which will include a range of quirky, humorous and "different" content to the more serious news of the day.

You may also have noticed that we have replaced the option of posting anonymous talkbacks with Facebook comments. As with everything else we have done this to make your user experience more pleasant - removing the potential for toxic comments behind a veil of anonymity and opening the comments section for genuine dialogue.

Of course, as we roll-out our new site there will inevitable teething problems; you are encouraged to send us any feedback at, which will be passed on directly to our technical team.

On behalf of Arutz Sheva I invite you to explore our new site to receive the latest news and even more interesting and engaging content.

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