'Dossim' Keep Nosy Media From Anti-Haredi Story

Activists with the “Dossim” group, which fights anti-hareidi incitement, managed to pull one over on a reporter seeking a 'scoop'

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Moshe Cohen,

Israelis stand next to their vehicles as the
Israelis stand next to their vehicles as the

Activists with the “Dossim” group, which fights anti-hareidi incitement, on Monday decided to “fight fire with fire” against the secular media that seeks to incite Israelis against the hareidi public.

Such incitement often takes the form of articles and TV clips describing how haredi Israelis fail to stand at attention when sirens are sounded on Memorial Day and Holocaust Heroes and Martyrs Memorial Day.

On Sunday night, as the siren announcing Memorial Day sounded, the activists set up a grill in Sacher Park in Jerusalem. The activists waited until a TV camera came close – with the reporter apparently anticipating that the activists, all of whom were dressed in the haredi style, were about to have an impromptu barbecue.

Moments before the siren sounded, the activists struck a match, and the TV cameras started rolling – but instead of coals, there were memorial candles in the grill. As the sire sounded, the activists stood at attention – denying the frustrated reporter the “golden shot” of haredi desecration she was seeking.

On Monday morning, the activists set up shop in Kikar Hashabbat, the crossroads of the Meah Shearim neigbborhood in Jerusalem. The square is often witness to haredi protests against the secular state and its institutions, and Monday was no exception, as anti-Zionist Neturei Karta members made a spectacle of themselves, shouting and marching – even as the siren again sounded.

In protest, the Dossim activists stood at attention – raising the ire of the other protesters, and getting the attention of reporters who were in the square to witness the Neturei Karta “desecration” of the moment.

An activist for Dossim expressed satisfaction with the results of the group's activities, saying that it was the media paid far less attention to the Neturei Karta group than it had in previous years.