Tribute to Israel's Fallen Heroes
'If Not For These Soldiers We Could Not Live Our Lives'

In national address on the eve of Memorial Day, Economics Minister pays tribute to Israel's fallen.

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Flag-laying ceremony for fallen Israeli solid
Flag-laying ceremony for fallen Israeli solid
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Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) Chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett released a special statement Sunday, addressing Israelis ahead of Memorial Day.

"In a few hours the nation of Israel will bow our heads in memory of our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters who did not return from wars, who never returned from battle or were injured in terrorist attacks over the years of our existence here," Bennett stated. 

Bennett declared that - despite alleged quiet in Israel compared to recent years - support for the IDF is more important than ever before.

"Sometimes there is a feeling that the quiet security returns, sometimes there is a sense that the dangers are small, but this feeling is deceptive," Bennett said. "Even now, our soldiers stand - from the Lebanese border to the border of Egypt, from Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea - and protect us." 

"If not for those soldiers we could not live our lives here," he continued. "There is hardly a person in the country who does not know a victim of terror attacks or who sacrificed their lives for the survival of the Jewish people in Israel. No other country has such a need to live by the sword or by force of will, because at any given moment there are organizations and countries who want to destroy it."

"We will continue as a testament to our sons and daughters - as living wills," he said. 

"We stand beside you not only today, on Memorial Day, but [also] all year round, and never, ever forget the great sacrifice that you and your sons and your daughters made [for the State of Israel]," he concluded. "Their memories should be blessed."