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Holocaust Day Culminates at Ghetto Fighters' House

Join live as the final official memorial ceremony takes place at the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum.

Yoni Kempinski ,

The Ghetto Fighters' House
The Ghetto Fighters' House
Flash 90

The memorial ceremony, partcipated by IDF Chief of Staff and Israel's Finance Minister, is taking place at "Beit Lohamei Haghetaot" - The Ghetto Fighters' House.

The Itzhak Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum was founded in 1949 by a community of Holocaust survivors, members of the Jewish underground in the ghettos of Poland, and veterans of partisan units, to be a place of testimony that would tell the story of the Jewish People in the 20th century in general, and during the Second World War in particular. At the center of this chronicle are the many manifestations of Jewish resistance, including the organized uprisings of Jews in the ghettos and camps, and the Jews who fought in partisan units and the armies of the Allied forces.

The Ghetto Fighters’ House, the first museum in the world to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust and Jewish resistance, is the highest expression of its founders’ commitment to educational activity on the subject of the Holocaust, in Israel and on a global level.

The GFH museum is accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.