Postal Workers in Central Israel go on Strike

Mail will not be delivered in Tel Aviv and central Israel, in protest of planned streamlining.

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Oranit Etzer,

Israel Postal Service mailboxes
Israel Postal Service mailboxes

The Union of Israel Postal Service Employees has decided not to distribute mail in Tel Aviv and central Israel from Monday, as part of a protest against a streamlining plan that would see employees fired.

The Postal Service management recently began implementation of the streamlining plan, which is designed to cut 113 million shekels from the company's expenditures.

Implementation began in early March, after a period in which the Labor Court froze the plan due to negotiations between management and workers. The plan currently calls for the termination of 130 jobs, but the union says many more employees will wind up being fired.

The Postal Service management issued a statement in which it expressed its “sorrow” over the union's decision “to cut off, with its own hands, the source of sustenance of thousands of employees, and at the same time to cause serious harm to the public which is the source of income for the company and its workers.”

"The union is focibly preventing the transfer of excess and superfluous work hours from the mail delivery sector to the branches sector,” it accused, “and today it also torpedoed an initiative by the management to assist branch employees by using staff workers for this purpose.”

"It appears that the union has turned harming the client base, the employees and management into an end in and of itself. The management is acting, and will continue to act, to implement the streamlining plan, in order to put the company on a path of growth.”