Injured 9-Yr-Old: 'Good Thing the Bullet Stopped'

Almog Mizrahi was injured in the terror ambush that killed a police officer. 'We will get over it,' says his mother.

Oranit Etzer ,

l.Ambulance at Shaarei Tzedek hospita
l.Ambulance at Shaarei Tzedek hospita
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Among those wounded in the terror shooting near Hevron Friday was a nine-year-old boy, Almog Mizrahi of Beit Shemesh. While sharing the same last name with Baruch Mizrahi of Modiin, the police officer who was killed, Almog was in a separate car with his mother and his sister, Lotam.

He was released from hospital Wednesday morning, after an operation in which the bullet that struck him was removed from his chest. “I am very lucky that it didn't hit my heart,” he told Channel 2 television. “I feel great now. It's a good thing the bullet stopped where it did.”

"I feel that I have been saved on this holiday,” he added.

Almog's mother, Vardit, recalled: “Suddenly I heard gunfire, and I felt ricochets, and despite the panic we kept on driving. The boy said to me, 'I'm starting to bleed,' and then I stopped the vehicle to see what happened, and again there was a burst of bullets.”

She stopped the car next to a military position, where an IDF medic and emergency services met the family. Lotam is still suffering from anxiety, she said, “but we will get over it. Almog got his life as a present.”

Hadassah Mizrahi, whose husband Baruch was killed in the attack and who was wounded herself, told IDF Radio that she tried not to let her children, who were in the car, see their father's wounds, “but they saw it, and my children said: 'Daddy, what happened? Wake up! Wake up! Daddy, why aren't you moving?'”