This October, Will Every Jew in the World Keep One Shabbat?

Organizers of unprecedented 'Shabbos Project' aim to spread Jewish unity worldwide through an ancient medium.

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'Havdalah Concert' caps off successful Shabbo
'Havdalah Concert' caps off successful Shabbo
Youtube/The Shabbos Project

Last year South Africa's Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein achieved what many thought was impossible: getting the vast majority of South African Jews (most of whom are irreligious) to observe the Jewish Sabbath, known as Shabbat or Shabbos.

Many of those who participated last year had never fully observed Shabbat according to Jewish Law (Halakha), making the achievement all the more astounding and achieving a perhaps unprecedented level of Jewish unity.

The Shabbos Project is now gearing up for its second year, and in 2014, Rabbi Goldstein is hoping to make his initiative global. To help spread the word, organizers have released a video charting the inspiration behind the initiative.

This year's event is scheduled to take place on 24-25 October, on the week of Parshat Noach (last year's took place a week later on Parshat Lech Lecha).