Special Knesset Session Monday on Talks, Pollard

Knesset is in spring recess, but will convene to debate 'the crisis in the negotiations with the Palestinians.'

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The Knesset
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The Knesset plenum will convene Monday for a special session to discuss two topics, defined as “The Crisis in the Negotiations with the Palestinians,” as well as “The Government's Failure in the Matter of Releasing Jonathan Pollard.”

Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein decided to schedule the session for Monday, after the special debate was requested by over 25 MKs as required.

The Knesset is currently in its spring recess and will not go back to its regular schedule until May.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that the Palestinian Authority (PA)'s torpedoing peace talks will not go unnoticed by Israel - and clarified that it is PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, not Israel, who is responsible for jettisoning talks.

"Throughout these negotiations, we've made tough measures and demonstrated a willingness to continue the difficult moves in the coming months in order to create a framework to end the conflict," Netanyahu stated at his weekly Cabinet meeting.

"Just when we were about to agree to the same framework to continue negotiations, Abbas was quick to declare that he will not even discuss the recognition of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people."

American officials are very concerned that the talks between Israel and Palestinian Authority could break down totally. The US, therefore, is considering various “creative” ideas to make the deal more appealing, the report said. Among them is an idea Netanyahu himself proposed – releasing Jonathan Pollard, who has been in an American prison for nearly three decades on charges of spying for Israel. The diplomats said that it was not clear Obama would agree to such a condition.