Help Yaffo's Ethiopian Jewish Community

Our Ethiopian Jewish brethren need our help - make this a truly special Pesach.

Jonathan Boofti, | updated: 16:08

Ingathering of exiles: Ethipian JEws celebrat
Ingathering of exiles: Ethipian JEws celebrat
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As Passover approaches, a massive operation is already underway to prepare for what is probably the largest Pesach Seder in Israel.

Once again, more than fifteen hundred Ethiopian Jews will gather in the ancient city of Yaffo (Jaffa), south of Tel Aviv, to attend this communal Seder, which reflects so much the miracle of the ingathering of the exiles, a miracle that today we are able to witness with our own eyes, thank God.

This is a huge effort, in the main it is privately funded, and we at Arutz Sheva have taken it upon ourselves again to play our part in securing the funds required to ensure a momentous evening for our Ethiopian Jewish brethren and their families and children.

We welcome you all, our Friends and Arutz Sheva readers to join us in helping by donating to this worthy cause.

If you would like to participate in this worthy cause please click here, fill out the brief form and help make this Pesach truly special.