Canadian Court Expels Saudi Man for Assaulting His Daughter

Court orders the expulsion of a Saudi Arabian man who was convicted of assaulting his daughter and threatening to kill her.

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Elad Benari, Canada,

Saudi woman (illustration)
Saudi woman (illustration)
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A court in the Canadian province of Newfoundland this week ordered the expulsion of a Saudi Arabian citizen who was convicted of assaulting his daughter and threatening to kill her, Shalom Toronto reports.

According to the report, the incident began at a restaurant and then continued at the family home. The 30-year-old daughter asked her father’s permission to marry her fiancé, a Canadian man who converted to Islam. The father, 56-year-old Khalaf Alshaek, reacted by snapping at his daughter and threatening to kill her.

When they returned home, Alshaek choked her several times before she managed to escape to the bathroom and send a text message to her fiancé, telling him what had happened. Luckily, the fiancé was already at a police station filing a complaint against the father over the threats he made at the restaurant, and police rushed to the scene and arrested the father, fearing for the daughter’s life.

At the court hearing, Alshaek claimed that his daughter had shamed the family by not asking for permission to have a relationship with a guy. After he found out that his daughter had already married without his knowledge when she brought up the possibility of marriage during the conversation, he claimed that had he known in advance about the marriage, he would have behaved differently.

The court sentenced him to six days in jail, forbade him from making any contact with his daughter for a year and ordered that he be deported from Canada immediately.

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