Netanyahu: Likud Must not be Like Malaysian Plane

Prime Minister uses insensitive metaphor in explaining why split in party must be avoided.

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Iddo Ben Porath,

Binyamin Netanyahu (file)
Binyamin Netanyahu (file)

"We must make sure that the Likud does not become like the Malaysian plane,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at week's end. The somewhat insensitive metaphor referred to the danger of having two people at the helm of the party.

Netanyahu was talking about the challenge posed by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, who is the Chairman of the Likud Convention.

Samaria Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika, who is also a Likud member, met Wednesday with Netanyahu, against the backdrop of the growing tension between Netanyahu and Danon in the Likud Central Committee.

Mesika also spoke to Danon and called on both men to compromise regarding the subjects that are to be placed on the agenda of the Likud convention, “We must unite vis-a-vis hostile elements from within and without in order to achieve the true goal – defending the intersts of the state of Israel,” Mesika exhorted.

The position of Conference Chairman has been a source of tension between Danon and Netanyahu, as the former took the Likud party to the Tel Aviv District Court last month to appeal the manner in which the presidiums were conducted. The court found Likud guilty and fined it 40,000 shekels, a victory which prompted Danon to claim he had "proved democracy is the path of the Likud." 

Last week, Danon declared that he would resign his post if the government went ahead with yet another round of releasing terrorists, a stance he reiterated just hours before Sunday's snub.