'I've Lost The Strength To Fight The Terrorist Releases'

Mother of schoolgirl murdered by Jordanian terrorist calls on govt. to block his release, acknowledges 'I've lost the strength to struggle.'

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Protest against terror release (file)
Protest against terror release (file)
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Faced with the looming fourth and final release of terrorists as a "gesture" to encourage peace talks, there has been widespread opposition among the public; however, some bereaved parents have reached the end of their strength from all the talk of terrorist releases.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Ruhama Cohen expressed her hope that Israel would stop the release of the Jordanian terrorist that murdered her young daughter Keren Hy''d. "The ministers and MKs should look the bereaved families that visit the graves in their eyes, and do everything in order to keep the terrorist in jail and not have him released," she stressed.

Keren was murdered along with six other schoolgirl classmates by the Jordanian soldier Ahmad Daqamseh in 1997 while on a seventh- and eighth-grade class trip to Naharayim's "Peace Island," near the Jordanian border. Six other schoolgirls were wounded, two critically, in the attack.

Daqamseh was sentenced to life in prison by Jordan, but in the last two weeks Jordan's parliament demanded his release. The move followed a Jordanian judge being killed by IDF soldiers on the Allenby Bridge crossing after he attacked them and tried to grab a weapon.

Cohen acknowledged that she is tired out by the ongoing talk of terrorist releases, saying "unfortunately I don't have any strength left to fight. Again they're talking about releasing terrorists with blood on their hands, that will again murder innocent people."

Since the murder of her young daughter, 17 years have passed.

"We keep in touch with all of the parents (of the murdered schoolgirls), but I don't have any more will left to struggle, for that you need real spiritual strength, and I've run out of that," commented the bereaved mother.