Prison Cmdr. Fired, Mistakenly Freed Terrorist

Commander of Ofer Prison transferred after terrorist mistakenly released mere hours after being arrested.

Nir Har-Zahav, Ari Yashar,

Terrorist being jailed (file)
Terrorist being jailed (file)
Flash 90

A prison commander has been dismissed after a terrorist arrested in Judea and Samaria by Israeli security forces was released by mistake. 

The terrorist was arrested several months ago for throwing rocks at Israeli cars, and transferred to Ofer Prison, located north of Jerusalem. At the prison, he was mistakenly put with a group of detainees that were supposed to be released several hours later.

As a result, the terrorist boarded a prison vehicle and left the facility just hours after his arrest.

Prison Services Commissioner Lt. Gen. Aharon Franco dismissed the commander of Ofer Prison following an investigation of the incident.

It was decided to transfer the commander from his post in charge of Ofer Prison to command the Holot detention center. The Holot facility is located in the south and holds hundreds of illegal infiltrators, who are allowed to leave during the day until lockdown at night-time.

"Due to the release of an inmate by accident from the Ofer Prison, an organizational investigative committee was established," stated the prison services. "The Prison Services Commissioner adopted the recommendations of the committee, and a series of those holding positions were administratively judged, among them the prison commander."

The statement concluded "it was decided that the prison commander would be transferred from his position and appointed as commander of the Holot center."