Learn Toughness from Putin, Terror Victim Urges PM

US citizen Dr. Bauer, a terror victim, joins protest against next planned release of terrorists.

Hezki Baruch, Ari Yashar,

Freed terrorists (file)
Freed terrorists (file)
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Dr. Alan Bauer, an American citizen living in Israel and a terror victim, joined Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon's protest on Wednesday against the looming release of the final batch of terrorist prisoners to the Palestinian Authority (PA), as part of a four-part "gesture" to the PA imposed on Israel by the US.

Bauer, a Harvard-educated biologist, was seriously wounded in Jerusalem along with his then-seven-year-old son Jonathan in 2002, in an Arab suicide bombing attack.

"Three terrorists from our attack were freed in the Shalit deal. Every time they talk about releasing terrorists the attack comes back to us; it's with us all the time," revealed Bauer to Arutz Sheva. "We'll keep fighting for justice. The attack hasn't disappeared, it isn't five minutes or a year, it's a whole lifetime."

Bauer remarked, "For the past 12 years since the attack I've worked with my wife Revital to prevent the release of terrorists. Our requests used to be directed at the American government, because of our American citizenship; today, we came to support MK Danon, who was always against these releases."

The doctor notes that before the 2011 release of captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for over a thousand terrorists, Israel released 18 terrorists who wounded or killed American citizens, despite the demands by the American government not to free them.

"There's no doubt that the prime minister is under pressure, but the problem is that Israel didn't set a limit," remarked Bauer. "Which terrorists to free, with blood on their hands or without - they let Hamas decide."

'They'll go right back to murdering'

Revital, Bauer's wife, argued the upcoming release of terrorists is ridiculous given that the terrorists don't even express regret for their actions. "The terrorists say they'll go back to murdering and aren't sorry, and they tell everyone that they intend to return to terror," charged Ravital.

Indeed, in the past, many released terrorists have quickly returned to their former activities; just this Monday one terrorist released in the Shalit deal was caught with a knife planning a stabbing attack.

Referring to the threats of sanctions against Russia for its recent moves to annex Crimea from Ukraine, Revital noted Russian President Vladimir Putin "is also under pressure, and he still does what's good for Russia." In the same way, she hinted Israel should stand up to US pressure on the issue of terrorist releases.

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