Warmer Weather on Purim

No need for an umbrella this year, as days of rainy weather subside and the sun emerges.

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Tova Dvorin,

Enjoying the sun. Purim 2014
Enjoying the sun. Purim 2014

The sun shines across Israel on Sunday, as thousands across the country celebrate the Purim holiday and Jerusalem residents prepare for tomorrow's festivities. 

Unlike past years, this Purim is slated to have fair weather, with no need to bring an umbrella. 

Temperatures forecast for today and tonight are fair from North to South.

Up North, Katzrin will see temperatures from 14-20 C (57-68F); Tzfat, 12-16 C (53-60 F); Afula, 13-22 C (55-72F); Tiveria, 16-25 C (60-77F); Beit Shean 14-23C (57-73.4F); and 15-19C (59-67F) in Haifa. 

In the center of the country, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, and Lod will see fair weather (16-23C or 60-73.4F); temperatures will vary more in Jerusalem, ranging from 14-28C (57-82F). 

The Negev will see slightly warmer temperatures, with Ein Gedi projected to see temperatures between 19-26C (67-79 F), Be'er Sheva at 15-22C (59-72F), and Eilat from 16-25C (60-77F).