Watch: Discussion on Syria Turns into a Brawl on Jordanian TV

Two Jordanian commentators argue about the civil war in Syria, then fight when one of them calls Bashar Al-Assad names.

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Elad Benari,

Newly arrived Syrian refugees at the Jordania
Newly arrived Syrian refugees at the Jordania

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has released another video of a good old-fashioned televised fist fight between Arab commentators on live TV.

This time, the fight erupted on Jordanian television when two local commentators argued about the civil war in neighboring Syria.

The debate between Muhammad Sharif Al-Jayousi and Musa Al-Abdallat turned ugly when Al-Jayousi took offense to Al-Abdallat calling Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad a criminal and a bloodshedder.

The show aired on JoSat TV and was posted on the Internet on March 9, 2014:

“The Jordanian people and all the Arab and Muslim peoples should not be treated as fools. The criminal in the region is the bloodshedder Bashar Al-Assad...,” says Al-Abdallat.

Al-Jayousi proceeds to call on Al-Abdallat to stop the name calling, before threatening to “mop the floor” with him and approaching him with the intention of hitting him. The two soon chase each other out of the room.

MEMRI has several times caught debates which turned into verbal and sometimes physical arguments. These include a televised debate on the political situation in Egypt which turned ugly as the participants got angry and threw water at one another; a Sunni Egyptian activist who attacked a Shiite activist after the latter insulted his wife; and two commentators who got into a fight while discussing the Syrian civil war on Hezbollah television