MKs May Heckle David Cameron

Opposition members intend to leave the plenum after British PM's speech, but some may stay and interrupt it.

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Gil Ronen,

David Cameron
David Cameron

Some Opposition MKs may interrupt British Prime Minister David Cameron's address to the Knesset Wednesday. The Opposition is boycotting the plenum this week, in protest of a Coalition push to approve three controversial laws – two of which have already been approved.

According to Maariv-NRG, certain unnamed Opposition MKs are threatening to heckle Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech, which precedes Cameron's, and then leave the plenum, as part of their week of protest against the Coalition.

The heads of the Opposition factions will meet before the session with Cameron, and decide on their course of action. Labor Chairman MK Yitzhak Herzog and the Coordinator of Opposition Factions, MK Eitan Cabel (Labor) have said that they are unable to control every one of the Opposition members.

According to Maariv-NRG, MK Cabel said that there was never any intent to boycott Cameron's speech. As for Netanyahu's speech – “there is an argument.” He called on all Opposition factions to take part in the debate and leave the plenum only after Cameron's speech, and warned against more drastic actions “that could cause all of the great achievements we have had in recent days to be lost.”

The MKs considered most likely to heckle Cameron are Arab and hareidi ones. Arab MK Ahmed Tibi heckled Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he addressed the Knesset in January.