Police Officers Arrested for Stealing, Selling Weapons

Two brothers serving in the Israel police were arrested on charges of stealing and selling weapons.

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David Lev,

Illegal weapons cache
Illegal weapons cache
Police Spokesperson Unit

Two brothers serving in the Israel police were arrested Monday on charges of selling arms illegally. Among other things, the two are accused of breaking into a Border Guard base and stealing weapons, which they later sold.

The two were arrested after a lengthy investigation by the police northern unit, along with the police Internal Affairs Unit.

The two police officers, Suleiman Awida and Hamad Awida, are residents of an Arab village in northern Israel. According to evidence gathered by police, the two, along with several civilians, stole a large amount of weapons, including guns, hand grenades, and ammunition, and sold them to criminals. Police are also investigating if there was a terrorist connection as well.

Altogether, police said they found some 6,000 items that the pair had stolen and were planning to sell. A Jerusalem court on Monday extended the brothers' remand by 8 days.