Dozens Gather at Havat Gilad as Destruction Looms

Defense Ministry bulldozers are expected at the Samaria outpost Sunday night.

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Gil Ronen,

Havat Gilad
Havat Gilad
Miriam Tzahi

Dozens of people have gathered at the Samaria community of Havat Gilad, in the hope of somehow preventing the destruction of two structures by the defense establishment. The demolitions are expected to take place Sunday night.

Samaria Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika said Sunday that the demolitions are “a callous violation of agreements reached with the residents of Havat Gilad, who vacated four homes of their own free will and were promised a connection to electricity and water.”

The grassroots Samaria Residents' Council called on members of the public to join those already at the outpost, in order to fight against the expected demolition.

Itai Zar, who established Havat Gilad in the memory of his slain brother Gilad Hy”d, said the defense establishment had acted in a despicable fashion. “We vacated homes of families on our own volition, a very painful move,” he explained, “but we did so out of full trust in the defense establishment and the promises that were given, and what we are receiving in return is a spit in the face and proof that the system and its promises cannot be relied upon.”

Zar said that the residents told the defense establishment that they were willing to vacate one of the two structures that are to be demolished, but that they ask not to evict the residents of the second home, about which there is no High Court decision that requires its destruction.