Fire at IDF's Tel Aviv HQ, None Hurt

Thick smoke over central Tel Aviv was the result of a blaze at a military dining room.

Gil Ronen,

Hakirya base
Hakirya base
Flash 90
A fire blazed Wednesday morning at a dining room in the Kirya defense complex in Tel Aviv, sending thick smoke billowing over the city. No one was hurt.

Large crews of firefighters were able to control the blaze. Dozens of soldiers were evacuated from offices located near the fire.

An officer stationed at the base said: “I heard a strong explosion this morning – I looked at the sky and saw a mushroom cloud of smoke... as if a missile had struck the base.

"The Kirya's security forces immediately evacuated the soldiers who stood nearby and many firefighting vehicles entered the base,” he added.

The IDF Spokesman's Init said that there was heavy damage to the dining room that serves soldiers in mandatory service (sherut sadir).