Danon Saves Falling Photographer

Deputy Defense Minister leaped to the rescue as photographer fell off stage at Beit Shemesh.

Gil Ronen ,

Danon to the rescue
Danon to the rescue
Yaakov Lederman

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon exhibited his defensive prowess Monday evening and saved a man from injury in an accident that occurred while he addressed an election rally in Beit Shemesh.

As Danon spoke, an overzealous photographer in search of a better angle misstepped and nearly fell headfirst off the stage. Danon's instincts kicked in and he (literally) singlehandedly saved the photographer, who in turn held on to his equipment and saved it, too.

The event was captured on camera by another photographer, Yaakov Lederman. Lederman told Arutz Sheva that he believes the photographer who fell was unhurt and that he continued to take pictures a short time after the mishap.

Beit Shemesh will go back to the polls on March 11, 2014, in the wakeof allegations of widespread fraud in the previous vote. Police arrested several men on elections day who had hundreds of ID cards that were not their own, and residents of the city have alleged other elections-day irregularities as well.

Supporters of incumbent mayor Moshe Abutbul of the hareidi Shas party, who won the original elections by roughly 950 votes, have accused the Supreme Court of calling for a revote for political reasons. They argue that the alleged fraud was not on a scale that could have affected the outcome of the vote.