US-Israel Recipes: Filled Cream Puffs

A French dessert, can be parve or dairy as needed.

Chef Igal Kovriga,

Cream Puffs "Josfine"
Cream Puffs "Josfine"
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Igal Kovriga is an internationally known master chef who served as executive chef of the Princess, Daniel and Hadar Dimol Hotels and at restaurants the world over where he achieved Michelin star ratings.


2-3 unfilled cream puffs

1 apple (a must) , 1 orange

pineapple (can be canned) or other fruit

parve (or dairy) dessert whip


1 tsp. date spread

1 tsp. dulce de leche (if available, parve or dairy)

cinnamon stick, mint leaves

white wine

Heat a frying pan with a small amount of oil, peel the fruit and cut into large chunks. It is best to cut the peel off the orange with a knife, so that some of the orange is left on the peel for later.

Add small amount of sugar to hot oil and caramelize.

Add the apple and pineapple, squeeze the juice of the orange left on the peel on top of the fruit, add the wine and cook for a few minutes stirring occasionally and flipping until the apples look caramelized, add leftover orange slices and cinammon sticks, cook a few more minutes.

Cream: Beat the dessert whip with sugar until creamy, add one cup of the cream jto the tsp. of date spread and mix. 

Halve the cream puffs, fill each half with the mixture, top each with a slice of pineapple, orange and apple and garnish with a cinammon stick and mint on top Do not close the puffs. Pour any leftover liquid on top of the puffs.


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