Egypt Gives Death Sentences to Terrorists

Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood intensifies as government gives death sentences to 14 men.

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Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin,

Muslim Brotherhood supporters
Muslim Brotherhood supporters

The Egyptian government continued its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood Monday, sentencing 14 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to death and four more to life imprisonment for an attack committed during the 2011 uprising. 

The men were sentenced for attacks on police, soldiers, and a bank near El-Arish, the provincial capital of North Sinai. One of the defendants was also sentenced to death for stopping a train and shooting 5 Coptic Christians inside, killing one of them. 

Earlier Monday, the Egyptian government announced that it had uncovered a terror cell organized by a Brotherhood leader that killed five policemen in an attack on a checkpoint south of Cairo last month.

If the accusation is true, it would confirm suspicions some Brotherhood members are joining a growing militant campaign amid a massive crackdown on the Islamists.

Since the ouster of Brotherhood-backed President Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed and has been designated as a terrorist organization by the army-led government.

The Egyptian army has been busy with a military offensive against Sinai-based terrorists. On Saturday, the army said that it killed 16 Islamist terrorists in the Sinai, near the border with Gaza, the day before.