Dayan: Ha'aretz Published Incitement Against Us

Envoy for Yesha Council launches serious accusations against Haaretz journalist for misrepresenting ad campaign.

Tova Dvorin,

Dani Dayan
Dani Dayan

Chief Foreign Envoy for the Yesha Council for Judea and Samaria, Dani Dayan, has issued serious accusations against Haaretz journalist Niva Lanir over an article published by the leftist daily. 

In an article entitled "And They have the Gall to Talk about Incitement," Lanir described a billboard and internet campaign launched by the Yesha council.

"For its billboard campaign, the Yesha Council recruits Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon, Abba Eban, and Rabbi Meir Kahane, all in support of our land - and one person, [US Secretary of State] John Kerry, against it," Lanir wrote.

She quoted from the campaign: "Rabin ensures a security fence along the Jordan Valley. Sharon states he will not divide Jerusalem. Begin promises that Israel will not be used as a form of currency [in negotiations]. Eban remembers Auschwitz. Kahane states, 'if there's a conflict between a democratic state and a Jewish state, then to hell with democracy.' And Kerry? Kerry has nothing to say. His silence is his confession." 

Dayan pointed out Sunday that the ad campaign in question never existed in the first place. 

"This is an invention, a fantasy, and a lie on the part of Niva Lanir," Dayan wrote. "There was no ad campaign along those lines and a comparison like that never even existed [elsewhere]."

"That is the very definition of 'incitement,' Ms. Lanir - yours against us," Dayan warned. 

Haaretz is the most leftist of the Israeli newspapers, and has a knack for publishing inflammatory stories against nationalist organizations, politicians, and personalities. In October, a senior analyst for the paper claimed Jewish Home party chairman Naftali Bennett was 'dangerous and uninhibited'; in November, it was forced to apologize after journalist Gideon Levy linked the Border Police to murder.

More recently, the daily demanded a police investigation over non-politically correct remarks by respected linguist Dr. Avshalom Kor, who stated that he was 'not surprised' at the news that Palestinian Authority (PA) ambassador to Prague Jamal-al-Jamal was killed after explosives detonated in his apartment.