'Signs of Tension,' Blackened Window Led to Hidden Weapons

Military Policewoman Cpl. Adi Zaken discovered three weapons that were being smuggled into Israel.

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Gil Ronen,

Weapons seized
Weapons seized
IDF spokesman

Cpl. Adi Zaken, a security guard in the Military Police who is stationed at the Te'enim Checkpoint in western Samaria, recently succeeded in preventing the smuggling of three weapons in a car that tried to pass through through the checkpoint. The weapons are reportedly a version of a Karl Gustav m/45, also known as Kulsprutepistol m/45.

"I was standing at the Te'enim checkpoint, through which citizens pass all the time, and suddenly I saw a car that seemed suspicious to me,” she recalled. She said that she “identified signs of pressure, tension and discomfort” in the car's occupants.

"The rear window had been blackened, and this was a warning light for me. I went over to the trunk of the car, and found the weapons in it, in red bags,” Zaken added.

"I called the checkpoint commander who immediately took over the event in order not to risk lives... We took them away from the checkpoint and delayed them until the Israel Police arrived in order to investigate the event.”

After the event, said the soldier, “I felt pride: I prevented the smuggling of weapons into Israeli territory, and you never know where they would have reached or G-d forbid hurt someone. It is a great privilege to serve in a meaningful role, that contributes to the security of Israel's citizens, every single day.”

The Te'enim Checkpoint is located south of Tulkarm in western Samaria, not far from Netanya, in the northern part of central Israel.