Samaria Leader: Yaalon Worse than Barak

Benny Katzover says destroying activist Kaisler's home is worse than what Ehud Barak did as defense minister.

Gil Ronen ,

Benny Katzover
Benny Katzover
Flash 90

The Chairman of the Samaria Residents' Council, Benny Katzover, who has been one of the prominent leaders of the Judea and Samaria settlement enterprise since the 1970s, told Arutz Sheva Wednesday that the demolition of the home of activist Sagi Kaisler Wednesday is so reprehensible that it makes Ehud Barak's policies look better than those of the present Defense Minister, Moshe (“Bogey”) Yaalon. Kaisler is the Residents' Council general manager.

"It was a permanent home,” he said. “A family with four children that built its home on state land that was allocated to the Zionist Federation, just like in all community settlements. The Zionist Federation approved this construction.”

"You simply do not destroy a home inside an outpost, anywhere, unless there was personal vindictiveness here, because of Sagi's activity in the Council,” he explained, adding that the extent of the damage is about a million shekels.

Katzover promised that a demonstration will be held outside Yaalon's home.

"We sent the photos of the destruction to the Defense Minister, who lets the Left lead him by the nose. He was deceived when they told him that the house is not populated and that it is just a ramshackle caravan.”

The IDF Civil Administration is full of legal advisors “who wage full scale war with Judea and Samaria,” he added. Katzover said that there was an effort to stop the demolition: “We called Yaalon. We called other ministers. [Minister] Uri Ariel joined the effort, but we did not succeed.”

Katzover told Arutz Sheva that things were better for the settlement enterprise with Ehud Barak as Defense Minister. “Bogey Yaalon is doing things, today, that are worse [than what Barak did].”

"We will carry out a large scale contribution drive to raise money for renovating the house,” said the seasoned Samaria resident, “and we will organize a demonstration outside Bogey Yaalon's house with the slogan – 'Bogey, the Left is leading you by the nose.'”