Weather: Colder with a Chance of Rain

Temperatures expected to drop during the first week of February, but no guarantee for more rainfall.

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Tova Dvorin,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

Weather forecasts predict a noticeable drop in temperatures this week nationwide - but rain may not be forthcoming, meteorologists said Sunday. 

Sunday, skies are expected to vary between partly to mostly cloudy, with hazy conditions being reported in the North and in areas with higher elevation.

While temperatures will cool from last week's heat wave, they are not expected to drop to normal levels expected for this time of year. Lowlands and coastal areas will remain fairly warm. 

Light drizzles are expected nationwide Sunday evening, along with haze and higher winds from the northeast. 

Rainy, windy conditions are expected to continue throughout the week, with weather slowly cooling to more winter-appropriate temperatures.