Voices of the Holocaust - Resistance Amid the Tragedy

Unique British theater troupe focuses on the fighting spirit of Holocaust victims.

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Arutz Sheva Staff,

Holocaust survivor displays his tattoo
Holocaust survivor displays his tattoo
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Among the performances at the European Parliament's International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony earlier this week was an excerpt of a moving play by "Voices of the Holocaust" - a group of young British actors whose quest to raise awareness about the Holocaust seeks to focus on more than the simple narrative of victimhood.

The play - "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" - was a moving portrayal of a group of young Jewish children struggling to cling on to their childhood in the midst of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The group's aim is to focus on aspects of the Holocaust which often go untaught, including the spirit of resistance shown by the millions of victims amid the tragedy.

"People did fight back, they did hold on to their hope... these people had their humanity to hold on to. They didn't just lie down and take it."